Freak of the Week

What is the Freak of the Week?

The Freak of the Week is a place where things are different. There is a beauty to under-produced music for me. This place is for folks who would prefer Eric Clapton’s next album be recorded at his mother’s kitchen table on a four track recorder.

Some songs will move out of this place and grow up to be refined and produced at the hands of some really talented folks. Some songs will forever roam through the rolling landscapes of the wonderfully weird. But in this space we won’t worry about the future.

This is our time to kick back and open our minds to some new things. My current version of garage band is light years ahead of the technology the Beatles used. You don’t need to spend a lot of cash to get ideas through.

If you are a record executive please refer to some of our music on the main page or our EP. Those are good examples of what this very talented team can do on a shoestring budget. My manager has advised me against this and she is probably right. But we need to have this place.

So, enough talk! For all of you left of center rebels who love the underdog the most when he is puking and crying at the same time, I give you the Freak of the Week…..

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