• Nicholas Horace, the singer for the group, is our optimist.

    Nick loves people. Nicholas has performed several times at the famed Amateur Night at the Apollo, and took home two wins. He started singing in the choir as a boy in Texas, and he still retains that soulful connection to every song he performs.

  • Jesse Sample, the songwriter and guitarist for the group

    Jesse lives and breathes music. Any moment in his life can provide fuel for his songwriting efforts. Jesse is a happy man when he is in his kitchen with a cup of joe, a guitar and a fresh idea.

  • Tim ‘The Witchdoctor’ Brosnan is the percussionist, and keeps track of the finances.

    Tim has a large following of friends and fans - no gig is complete without ending up at Tim’s place for a party.

  • Gary Ljungquist is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and engineer hailing from Putnam County, NY.

    Gary plays bass with the group, but is also getting involved in the production end of things. He has performed with a number of regional and national acts and now devotes his energy to the 7th Squeeze.


The 7th Squeeze is a hot young band with big city polish. Featuring vocalist Nick Horace, a former two-time Top Dog winner at New York City’s iconic Apollo Theatre, this high-energy band delivers rock that stomps, vocals that sizzle and excitement that blows the roof off. From the moody melody and soul-searching lyrics of ‘Ish’ to the pounding rock anthem ‘Hit Song’, this is music that will rattle your cage. When it rocks, it’s ruthless. When it swings, it stings.

While Nick handles the microphone, his partners include Jesse Sample as lead guitarist and songwriter, Tim “The Witchdoctor” Brosnan on percussion and Gary Ljungquist on bass. Their drive and excitement for their craft, along with hours of careful preparation, keep the band tight, well-honed and ready to deliver while their personable and fun-loving presentation make them a crowd favorite.

The 7th Squeeze’s signature collision of rock, pop, soul and R&B fueled with Nick Horace’s ready-for-radio vocals, delivers a sound like nothing you have ever heard before!

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